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Farm News: Rental Rates Hold Firm For WI Land


Posted: 03.25.2011

Commodity prices may be high, but so are input costs for the spring of 2011, including rental rates on farm acreage.

The annual summary of 2010 cropland rental rates was released by the Wisconsin Ag Statistical Service.  Statewide last year, the average acre of non-irrigated cropland cost $87 to rent for crop growth.  That figure was up $3 per acre compared to 2009.

The phrase, "location - location - location" also plays a role in the price for rented cropland.  The highest rental rate in all districts was in south central Wisconsin, including Dane, Rock, Green, Columbia, Jefferson and Green counties.  An acre of farmland there rented for an average of $124 - $4 higher then 2009.

Southwest Wisconsin, considered some of the most productive cropland in the state, commands the highest prices.  Lafayette county topped the state with an average acre of rented cropland bringing a hefty $164 - up a dollar from 2009.  Rock county came in next with an average acre price of $139 - up $5, followed by Grant county with $137 per acres - also up $1.

North central Wisconsin land owners received the smallest amount for their rental cropland.  Ashland, Clark, Lincoln, Marathon, Price and Taylor counties saw an average acre-price of just $40.50 - down 50 cents from last year.

An individual county, by county breakdown of rental rates is available here.

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