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Farm News: Kaltenberg Seeds Calling It Quits


Posted: 03.16.2010

The nasty business climate for Wisconsin agriculture has claimed another family agri-business.  

Dave Kaltenberg, President and General Manager of Kaltenberg Seeds in Waunakee, tells Pam Jahnke that after spring delivery of seed orders - they're closing the doors.  Kaltenberg Seeds has been family owned and run since 1906.

Kaltenberg says the economic climate today just doesn't allow for a small agribusiness like theirs to survive and profit.  In a conversation with Pam Jahnke, Kaltenberg says much of their decision also revolved around clients that are unable to pay their bills. 

Kaltenberg Seeds will disburse some of their field equipment during a March 31st auction conducted by Gavin Auctioneers.  The sale bill is posted here.

Dave Kaltenberg said that customers can rest assured - they'll be making all their seed deliveries as expected this spring.  After that, he said they'll follow up on the March 31st auction with another auction that will feature some of their specialized seed treatment and handling equipment.

As for employees, Kaltenberg said most of his sales force is already pseudo-retired.  He said he expects that some will retire from the industry completely, or find another agribusiness where they can continue their relationships.

Please check back for more comments from Dave Kaltenberg.

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