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Farm News: Organic Valley Congratulates Its Growers


Posted: 04.27.2010

396 farmer-owners committed to organic production were recognized by Organic Valley Family of Farms.

The cooperative began in 1988 and represents over 1,600 farms in 33 states and four Canadian provinces.  Over 300 award winners met in LaCrosse for their annual meeting, and to look at the future direction the coop may go.

Organic Valley honored its dairy farmers in Gold, Silver and Milk Quality Recognition categories. To achieve these honors, Gold Award recipients needed an average Somatic Cell Count (SCC) of less than 150,000; Silver Award recipients an average SCC between 151,000 and 200,000; and Milk Quality Recognition recipients an average SCC between 201,000 and 250,000.
Beef Pool: Fred and Linda Pedretti and Jason and Courtney Pedretti, Genoa, Wis.
The following farmers received the top milk quality Gold Award, the “Cream of the CROPP,” in each region:
Eastern Region: Meyer Family, North Hardwick Dairy LLC, Hardwick, Vt.
Midwest Region: Kevin and Mary Jahnke, Jahnke Family Farm Limited Partnership, Lancaster, Wis.
Western Region: Greg and Marci Bingham, Bingham Farms, Weston, Idaho
The following farmers received Organic Valley’s Top Quality Awards:
Egg Pool
Midwest Region Omega-3: Michael Miller, M&M Organic Farms, Wonewoc, Wis.
Midwest Region: Chuck Voehl, Voehlganic Farm, Westby, Wis.
Produce Pool: Jonathan and Wilma Bontrager, Hillsboro, Wis.

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