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Farm News: Wisconsin Apple Production Tumbling


Posted: 08.13.2010

The forecast for Wisconsin’s 2010 apple crop is 34.9 million pounds. If realized, this would be 20 percent below last year. Many growers reported that there was too much moisture so far this year, causing fungus and other diseases in orchards. There were some reports of scabbing throughout the state. The grow-ing season started early with above normal temperatures throughout April. Temperatures then dropped below normal in mid-May and many, especially in the northern part of the state, reported frost damage to blossoms during that time. There were also a few reports of hail damage to the crop. A few reports indicated that apple trees are still showing signs of stress from lack of moisture in previous years. Some growers felt weather conditions were ideal for a good crop this year. Reports indi-cate that the season is about one to three weeks early.

U.S. apple production is forecast at 9.48 billion pounds, down 4 percent from 2009 and 2 percent from 2008. The largest-producing state, Washington, is forecast to produce 5.65 billion pounds, up 5 percent from last year’s production. New York is anticipating an apple crop of 1.20 billion pounds, down 13 per-cent from 2009. Michigan is anticipating 0.61 billion pounds, down 47 percent from 2009.

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